Exploring the Irish music and musical instruments

Music is really a craft that will exist and not die as long as humans exist. Music is now part of a persons life. You cannot go anywhere in a day that you cannot listen to music. Music have taken many steps also here in Ireland. It is part of its history and tradition. Ireland has its own music style even if they also have adopted to the contemporary music. You can connect music of Irish to dancing. Irish loves to dance especially with music and they have their own dancing shoes that is hard or soft.

The instruments that Irish musicians use are accordion, Irish drum, concertina, flute, harp, bouzuki, the fiddle, banjo and tin whistle. Their are more of these instruments that are commonly used. Musicians can have a team or a band using three to four of these musical instruments together and produce music. The music they produce goes with the tune of each instruments. Most of Irish musicians can play up to three of the musical instruments and they can switch while performing.

Dancers can dance along with them showing the traditional dance they have. Their dance is really unique as they use their shoes to produce sounds and can even be like the sound of the drum. Many dancers performs on stage national and international showing this talent that is home to them. They can dance with the speed of wash machine sound.