Who are these great fiddlers in history. Fiddlers from Ireland are the most amazing musicians! These people are sound and fantastic. Most people play guitars, drums, piano and many more instruments in order to produce a good music. But these people are really creating a sound that creates an emotion from the heart. How beautiful are their instrumental albums! They are talented musicians and artists. They must have been happy entertaining people through their amazing production. Their albums should not be buried down in history….

Shifting Gravel

  1. Another Irish Rover
  2. Shifting Gravel
  3. Work Together
  4. Bertha’s Goat
  5. Joh
  6. Newmarket Polkas
  7. I’m Walkin’
  8. The Mountain Road
  9. Struggle On
  10. Micho Russells Set
  11. Where Has My Lady Gone
  12. The Kilfenora Sexy Jig

Barking Mad

  1. Hidden Love/Sheila Coyles
  2. Wee Johnny Set
  3. Wrap It Up
  4. Foxhunters Reels
  5. Waltzing for Dreamers
  6. Easy Club Reels
  7. Sliabh Luachra Polkas
  8. Swing Set
  9. Short Fat Fanny
  10. Jacksons Jigs
  11. Cruel Father Reels
  12. High On a Mountain
  13. Mcfaddens Reels



Long Roads

  1. She’s on My Mind
  2. Planet Ways
  3. Nancy
  4. Meet Me
  5. The Sally Gardens
  6. Joefy Spokes
  7. Long Roads
  8. Poor Fool Polka
  9. Over the River She Goes
  10. Restless
  11. Hold on I’m Comin’

Dr. A’s Secret Remedies

  1. Papa Gene’s Tree
  2. Bertha
  3. First Month Of Summer
  4. Mother Of Mercy
  5. A Punch In The Dark
  6. Take It On Back
  7. Sometimes Samba
  8. Hollow Time
  9. The Woodstock Set
  10. Last Night
  11. Heading West
  12. Hector The Hero And Me

Maybe Tonight

  1. Music for a Found Harmonium
  2. I Wanna Ramble
  3. Rambles in Russia
  4. The Ashplant Set
  5. Maybe Tonight
  6. Barlows Knife
  7. Trip to London / Sean Ryan’ / Leslie’s March
  8. The Midnight Special
  9. The West Kerry Set
  10. Martin Wynn’s / Touch Me If You Dare / The Bucks of Oranmore
  11. Baby Loves to Boogie
  12. The Last Rose of Summer

Wallop the Spot

  1. Lucy Campbells
  2. Bloomsday –
  3. Tom Billys/Johnny Dohertys
  4. Dan Murphys
  5. Low And Lonely
  6. Wallop The Spot
  7. Micho’s Apron
  8. Mary Anne
  9. Song For PJ
  10. Turn Me Loose
  11. Scatter The Mud
  12. I Don’t Want It