Great Irish Inventions in History

Ireland also is a place of rich inventions. Irish people are very commendable for their great  works in the field of science and technology. Due to these inventions, people can be more productive in their works. Such inventions are really a great help to human existence. The following are some of the great inventions of Irish.

  1. Submarine

In 1878, John Philip Holland invented the submarine until it became successful in 1881. This submarine “Fenian Ram” named after the founder , Fenian Brothers.

  1. Colour Photography

In 1849, John Holly, an Irish engineer, came to invent the colour photography. Of course, colour photography now is much more advanced but before it became advance, Joly invented the viewing plate with three thin coloured lines.

  1. The Ejector Seat

In 1946, James Martin, invented the Ejector Seat for pilots to eject from planes that travel at a high speed. This invention will allow pilots to save passengers in terms of emergency. Because of the Ejector Seat saved many lives in 1981.

  1. The Binaural Stethoscope

In 1851, Arthur Leared developed the binaural stethoscope, which is now being used in the field of medicines. A French man already created the stethoscope but he was the one who connected two earpieces to the listening cylinder.

  1. The Tractor

Harry Ferguson invented the original Ferguson Tractor.

  1. Missile

In 1877, Louis Brennan invented the first guided torpedo, a defence force of the British Navy. Through him, a government factory started with the production of missiles to serve the Navy.