Influence of Tradition to Music

Every nation has its own culture and tradition. Culture and traditions are practices that are inseparable to the people. People follow these practices until they grow and it can be changed depending on their environment. If there is a change on their environment, let us say, migrating to other place or having a long term journey to other place, his practice of tradition may change as he will adapt new culture and tradition. But even if some will stay in one place until their death, their level of practice to their own tradition may vary depending on their faith and mindset.

Music is all around the world. Musicians too who lead the world of music exist throughout the world. However, their compositions are different from each other. It is because one’s tradition and culture has a great impact on the production of music. It can be the content or lyrics, the rhythm, the emotion, the melody and so on. Traditions and cultures are like stories that are passed down from generation to generation.

Likewise, music is also being passed down from generation to generation. Through traditional music, pioneer generation can convey the picture of culture and tradition at their times to the younger generations. Until now, music compositions are still influenced by traditions. It is because it is more meaningful to highlight one’s own tradition in which listeners too can relate as they belong to the same culture and tradition. It reminds their childhood, their community, their lifestyle and others.