Irish people are fun of their traditional music. It is a customary to present tunes one after another in such a manner that it looks like a set. Irish use musical instruments such as tin whistle, diddle and drum. A well-known drum that they usually use in their traditional music is the Bodhran. One side is tacked with an animal skin and this is where to be beaten to produce sound. Other side is open-ended and it is where to place one hand.

There are different kinds of Bodhran. They are different in structure at the back and different in diameter. One or two crossbars are present at the back part (which is the open-ended part) but sometimes removable. The way of holding the Bodhran is very important to take note. One hand is at the open end and palm or fingers are at flat position. The hand at the open-ended part controls the pitch and timbre. If there are crossbars at the back, the position should be that the crossbar should not form a cross, instead, it should form an X.

The drum is usually played in a seated position so make sure that there is no bulky part on your leg such as having keys or phones because the Bodhran will totally rest on your leg. Also, when holding the stick (or any beater), elbow is out and the stick should be pointing at you. Hold the stick in between your thumb and pointer.

Different style in playing the Bodhran produces different kinds of sounds. It can be reel sound or a jig sound. A reel sound has a 4/4 tempo and a jig sound has a 6/8 tempo. Jigs and reels are names given to particular compositions depending upon how the notes are arranged.