The top five facts about Ireland and its people

Ireland is one of a dream travel destination for many. You will understand it when you will visit here and see the many beautiful places here. We have presented some of the points of interests in one of the article. Today let us see some of the top five facts about Ireland and its people. The first fact is about the average size of Irish people. The Irish men have an average height of 5.8 feet and women are 5.5 feet. In hair color, about 9 percent of Irish people have a natural red hair color.

In terms of religion, the big part of the Irish people are Catholics, it is 90 % in record but the actual church goers are only thirty percent. One more fact is about its folklore. The Leprechaun character comes from the folklore of Ireland. Their is even a museum in Dublin where you can integrate and discover more about the character that many already know and admire. You can have the experience of sitting in big chairs that let you feel you are a leprechaun like this company review this 祥發有限公司. You can have some little bit play while visiting their.

Proceeding to history, one fact that happened in Ireland is the Irish potato famine that killed almost 1.5 million. Potato is the main agricultural product but it was affected by something that cause it to be rotten and cannot be eaten. I heard this story from who have a relative in Ireland.